The mission of 19 Cares is to be a boon to our community through action, financing community needs, and providing opportunities to those who would not otherwise have them. We want to help the people, who may have fallen, to stand up again.

All money raised will be donated to The Glioblastoma Foundation.

In honor of Vickie Rafferty, 19 Cares is raising money for The Glioblastoma Foundation. The Glioblastoma Foundation was created to galvanize glioblastoma drug development. Their mission is to modify the current standard of care for glioblastoma by replacing radiation and chemotherapy with targeted small molecule therapies that prolong survival and increase quality of life.


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To quickly donate $125 dollars via pay pal, click the “Ticket Purchase”button below. For VENMO, use the 19 Cares QR code below. Cash and check will be accepted on the day of the event. Receipts will be provided.

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